Gubernatorial Candidates Defend Poor Driving Records

Published: Tuesday, October 14, 2014 - 12:20pm

Speculation is swirling around the driving record of Democratic gubernatorial candidate Fred DuVal, whose driver’s license was suspended for a time earlier this year. At issue is whether DuVal got behind the wheel while his license was suspended. 

His campaign communications director Geoff Vetter says DuVal didn’t know his license had been suspended for a time, so there’s a chance he may have driven to the store for milk or taken his son to get ice cream. 

And Vetter says Republican Doug Ducey has his own tough driving questions to answer.

“Doug Ducey’s got 13 tickets, 16 missed court appearances.  You know as soon as Fred found out about this he fixed it right away. Doug Ducey skipped court 16 times,” Vetter said.

But state Republican Communications Director Tim Sifert says the incident shows DuVal has a real disregard for the rules regular people have to follow.

“The question really is does Fred DuVal think that the rules for driver’s licenses don’t apply to him, like they do for the rest of us," Sifert said.

DuVal’s driver’s license was suspended after he got a ticket in 2012, which he paid, but his failure to pay for traffic school resulted in the suspension of his license.

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