Sen. Elizabeth Warren Pitches Campaign Platform To Supporters In Tempe

By Jimmy Jenkins
Published: Friday, August 2, 2019 - 9:09am
Updated: Friday, August 2, 2019 - 10:34am

Jimmy Jenkins/KJZZ
Sen. Elizabeth Warren speaks in Tempe

Several thousand people attended a campaign rally for Democratic candidate for president Elizabeth Warren in Tempe on Thursday night. 

According to the Warren campaign, 3,500 people showed up at the Marquee Theatre to hear the Massachusetts senator speak.

She told the crowd about growing up in Oklahoma and raising her children while going to law school.

Warren said she wanted her supporters to think about who government is working for.

“It works great for giant drug companies, just not for people trying to get a prescription filled," she said.

Warren blamed a culture of corruption in Washington for keeping power in the hands of large corporations and preventing the nation from taking action on climate change.

She said immigration reform would be a major part of her administration and she vowed to end what she called the ugliness at the border.

“It is illegal right now in America to abuse immigrants," Warren said, "and while Donald Trump may be willing to look the other way, President Warren will not.”

The senator said she would work to expand legal immigration and create a path to citizenship for those in the country illegally.

If elected president, Warren said she would work to cancel student debt for most Americans and try to get Congress to pass a wealth tax on people making more than $50 million a year.

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