Libraries across the country are evolving. Maricopa County’s libraries did away with late fees, last summer. Pima County’s sprouted a seed lending program to source out sustainability projects. But deep in southern Arizona, one little library is trying something new: blending the hushed stacks of the last century, the town and the digital age.


In Colonial Alamos, A 300-Acre Park Looks To Boost Conservation, Tourism
The city of Alamos, Sonora — established as Scottsdale’s first sister city in 1969 — is known internationally for its colonial charm. That’s attracted a sizable expatriate community. But an interesting conservation effort is starting to put the picturesque pueblo on the map as an outdoor destination as well. Supporters hope it brings environmental benefits for the unique ecosystem, but also economic benefits for the town.
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Forest Service Seeks Public Input On Another 4FRI Initiative
The public has a 90-day window to weigh in on the largest forest restoration project in the U.S. The project spans over a million acres of ponderosa pine forest in northern Arizona.
Arizona Company Creates Eco-Friendly Shuttle With 3D Parts
Chandler-based Local Motors manufactures the electric, self-driving, 3D printed shuttle, which can fit up to eight people.
Billions Of Dollars Waived In Mexico To Ghost Companies
In Mexico, an investigation has revealed that the current administration recently waived billions of dollars in taxes assessed to ghost companies, many of which were used to launder money. One of them was operated by a powerful drug cartel.
AZ Holds Meeting On Subminimum Wages For People With Disabilities
Earlier this year, the U.S. House of Representatives moved to end a practice that allows employers to pay people with disabilities less than minimum wage.

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In Male-Dominated Pizza Circles, Women Are Grabbing A Bigger Slice Of The Pie
Men have long commanded the pizza-making scene, creating what one female champ calls a "macho problem." But that's starting to change as more women open pizzerias and gain recognition in the field.
The IMF Warns About Rising Regional Inequality
A new study by the International Monetary Fund finds that advanced nations have seen a rise in regional inequality since the 1980s.
Astros And Nationals Set To Face Off As World Series Starts Tuesday In Houston
The Astros won their second pennant in three years and hope to cement themselves as one of the best teams of the decade. The Nationals are making their first-ever Series appearance.
Ukraine Impeachment Inquiry Resumes With Diplomat Who Warned Of 'Nightmare'
Ambassador William Taylor talked with compatriots in real time about his objections to President Trump's policy. Now he's scheduled to meet behind closed doors with members of Congress.
VIDEO: The Military Discovered A Way To Boost Soldiers' Memories, And We Tried It
Researchers have found that giving your brain an electrical stimulation while you sleep can lead to quicker learning and improved memory. Future You's episode 6 explores what this will mean in 2050.