Tens of thousands of migrant families have passed through Phoenix this year on their way to destinations in other parts of the country. Area churches and nonprofits have offered these people aid, and just last month aid groups opened a 24/7 shelter. It's one stop on the migrant journey we've been covering over the past two weeks.
Special Series: Tracing The Migrant Journey
While incarcerated in an Arizona prison, Ashley Wilkeyson injured her leg. Bills for the subsequent medical treatment were erroneously sent to Wilkeyson’s family and her own address during her incarceration and for more than a year after her release.


Effects Of Trade War On Arizona
The trade war between the U.S. and China continued to negatively affect the markets Friday as the DOW closed down over 600 points. One Arizona business expert weighs in.
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Experts: Hackers Targeting Smaller Businesses That Have Lack Of Security, Awareness
Computer experts say hackers are targeting smaller businesses and organizations due to a lack of security or awareness. Steve Woods explains what these companies can do to help protect their systems.
After Mexican Tomato Deal, Farm Bureau Wants Same For Other Crops
With the ink barely dry on the draft of a Mexican tomato import deal, some farmers are saying they’d like to see similar agreements for other crops. The American Farm Bureau praised the deal reached by the U.S. Department of Commerce and Mexican growers.
Mexicos Economy Registers No Growth In Second Quarter
Mexico’s economic activity was flat in the second quarter of the year, as Arizona’s leading trading partner narrowly dodged a recession.
Douglas-Agua Prieta Host Annual Concert Without Borders
Artists and performers from Arizona and Sonora, Mexico will put on a free concert Saturday on both sides of the border in Douglas, Arizona and Agua Prieta, Sonora. It’s called the Concert Without Borders.

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A Trumpet Made Of Bullets And The Kids Who Inspired It Take Hope Around The Country
The Instrument of Hope, a trumpet made partly of bullets and inspired by the survivors of the 2018 Parkland, Fla., mass shooting, is touring the country to promote healing.
In Hong Kong, Moderate And Radical Protesters Join Forces To Avoid Past Divisions
In 2014, Hong Kong's pro-democracy movement was beset by divisions. Now various protest factions are working together. "If either one gets hurt, we feel the other's pain," says a moderate lawmaker.
Firearms Museum Focuses On Gun Safety, History And Culture
The Cody Firearms Museum in northwest Wyoming just got a makeover. It's moved away from being a monument to guns and toward being an educational space.
Academic Science Rethinks All-Too-White 'Dude Walls' Of Honor
Historic portraits of revered scientists and doctors can be found all over medical schools and universities — and, as it happens, most feature white men. Some say this sends the wrong message.
To Forward Progressive Agenda, Harry Reid Says The Filibuster Must Go
Even in retirement, the former Senate majority leader is calling to change the rules. Reid tells NPR the filibuster is obstructing the Senate from tackling big issues like climate change and gun laws.